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Art can be considered a magical endeavour, because, it possesses the power to transport us to a higher level of consciousness. It can also take us to a realm that creates greater appreciation for the artistic talent which produced a particularly moving work of art. In my pursuit of Art, I have concentrated primarily upon man's relationship - with nature.- the impact produced upon the psyche and our feelings of well-being,especially when viewing an awe-inspiring scene such as a sunrise or sunset. Nature seems to act as a comforting source-- a contributing factor to our enjoyment of life. My objective is to create greater awareness for the beauty to be found in nature.I hope the vibrant use of colour in my floral and landscape paintings will elicit a positive emotional response from the viewers, and help to bring about feelings of happiness into their lives.

The artist gives us a privilleged view into the inner - workings of the human soul, bringing us face to face with a different kind of reality-- one whose impact is infinite, whose search for perfection is definitively elusive. In creating art, I strive for what seems ultimately un-obtainable. As Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky once said in a 1911 article, it is my firm belief "colour is a power which directly influences the soul... colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammer, and the soul is the string ...the artist is the hand that plays--touching one key on another to cause vibrations in the soul."

H. LLoyd Weston

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