What to Expect?

Escape the city and immerse yourself in English for a weekend. This all-inclusive experience starts with a stay in a charming hotel in Navacerrada. Enjoy fully catered meals and engaging language activities throughout the weekend. Please note, transport to Navacerrada is not included.
Includes hotel stay, all meals, and language activities. Two-day experience.

Includes coffee, escape room fee, drink, and tapa. Four-hour experience.


Weekend Immersion


Hotel, Meals


Two to Five-Day Experience

English, teambuilding and critical thinking... all in one!

Your employees will practise more than just their English. These dynamic four-hour activities will teach them communication skills, teambuilding, and critical thinking, all in one!

Great for new or experienced teams, as a reward, or just to keep the team united, we highly recommend this experience.